What was Haeckel smoking when he drew these ectoprocts?

Hello world.

This is our very first blog.

Communication and visualization go hand-in-hand with science.

BLEED icon
by cubito for BLEED

In our efforts to design our logo in collaboration with cubito, we studied stylized representations of bryozoans. One of the most well-known polymath among biologists is Ernst Haeckel who was also an amazing artist. Bryozoans are one of the most quietly charismatic phyla the world has seen and Haeckel did not miss out on the opportunity to illustrate these ectoprocts (aka bryozoans). Curiosity is a prominent trait among us at BLEED, and we wondered if the bryozoans he illustrated are assignable to “real” bryozoans, and so turned to Paul D. Taylor, our collaborator at the Natural History Museum in London, one of the gurus of bryozoan systematics.

And Paul’s reply? “I wonder what he was smoking when he did this.” Bryozoa-enthusiasts out there, could you fill in the blanks? Slide1



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